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6' Power Cord with Ground

6' Power Cord with Ground Prong

by Galak Electronics
Part No. VG-350
Shipping Weight: 6.0 ounces (170 grams)

Complete your traffic light installation with this 6' power cord. The hot and neutral leads are tinned and ready to install on any of our traffic light control modules. The ground wire has an attached terminal connector for proper grounding of metal traffic light housings. Please note that all metal housing require a proper earth ground for safety reasons .

When purchased with one of our traffic light controllers, the shipping cost will be either combined or in most cases waived. Contact us before purchasing if you have any questions about safe and proper wiring of 120VAC or 240VAC electrical systems. Please observe all applicable electrical wiring codes when utilizing this product.

6' Grounded Power Cord:




  • 6' length for convenient wiring and connection to outlets.
  • Manufactured with a molded 3-prong plug and high temperature gray PVC.
  • Pre-tinned line and neutral leads for quick terminal connection.
  • Includes pre-crimped ground terminal for proper chassis grounding.


  • Voltage Rating: 300V at 75 degrees celsius
  • Current Rating: 16 Amps at 25 degrees Celsius
  • Wire Gauge 18 AWG (1) black (1) white (1) green
  • Finished Weight: 6.0 ounces (170 grams)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about this project or any othe Galak Electronics Projects.

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