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Super LED Digital Clock

Super LED Digital Clock Kit

by Galak Electronics
Part No. VG-204
Shipping Weight: 1.7 ounces (48 grams)

Night or day the Super LED Digital Clock always shines bright. 71 individual ultrabight LEDs ensure that this clock is visible even in direct sunlight. Designed using discrete logic chips, this clock is a great learning tool for utilization of counters, flip flops and gate logic. Includes two time adjust buttons and a blinking seconds colon. A great gift for an electronics student or avid hobbyist. Available with optional clear acrylic mounting stand and customized colors (See the Accessories tab above). The unassembled kit includes instructions (including schematic and parts placement) and all the components to build one complete Super LED Digital Clock. A soldering iron, solder and a pair of cutters are required for assembly. Power Supply not included.



Super LED Digital Clock Kit:




  • Large 1.1" display digits with 21 LEDs per segment (6 for "tens" hour digit).
  • Designed exclusively with discrete logic counters and gates.
  • Flashing colon to indicate individual seconds.
  • Two time adjust buttons, with slow, fast, and super fast with both buttons pressed.
  • Wide input voltage range with standard 2.1mm coaxial connector (Power supply not included).
  • Four mounting holes to allow for easy mounting or fixturing to optional stand.


  • Supply Voltage: 3VDC to 6VDC @ 800mA max depending on LED selection (2.1mm DC plug tip positive)
  • User Features: Slow and Fast time set buttons (back of board)
  • Board Dimensions: 5.91" x 1.97" (15.0 cm x 5.0 cm)
  • Lexan Stand Dimensions: 8.0" x 3.25" with 1.50" base (20.3mm x 8.26mm with 3.81mm base)
  • Board Material: 0.062" (1.6 mm) FR-4, with black solder mask, top and bottom layer silk screen
  • Finished Weight: 1.7 ounces (48 grams)

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